Our Story:

Our Owner, Shania, began this company after completing a study abroad trip to India.Being 7,854 miles from home, Shania was extremely focused on learning all about the new culture she was now immersed in, Unbeknownst to her, she would later embark on an even bigger journey, becoming a business owner.

Shortly before the conclusion of the trip, Shania decided to meet with a few vendors she was in contact with before her arrival. With Bundles and Souvenirs in tow Shania headed back home. A few weeks later, Shania became a walking billboard as she sported the hair from her trip. Soon after, all her friends and their friends became walking billboards for the hair too!  They loved how beautiful the hair made them feel, how amazing & long lasting the products were, and the confidence they exuded! Shania knew that before anything else these were feelings she wanted every woman to feel! Shortly after, the idea for Prima Donna Virgin Hair arose.

Our Mission:

We have a strong passion for empowering women to take charge and step out of their comfort zone. That’s how we know that Our Hair can Empower Women to Do Any & Everything! We also believe all Women deserve Luxurious hair without the Luxurious price tag. That is why we have strived to create the PERFECT Formula! 

Passion for Amazing Long Lasting Products + Bright Ideas – the Expensive Price Tag = Hair You’re Guaranteed to LOVE! 

We Welcome you All to the Prima Donna Court & Hope you Enjoy your Prima Donna Experience!